Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Property Panchkula

Well featured property in Panchkula

Choosing a property can be a tedious job because of the high proximity of options that you will come across. Here, in this regard choosing the best property in Panchkula can surely be a viable decision. Not only are these properties aptly located, but they are also loaded with the best features wherefrom you can avail the best from them. In fact, in Panchkula you will find an exclusive gamut of properties to choose from. Simply ensure to bid on the best properties up here which offers you the most viable advantages on the go.

Well defined architecture

The property Panchkula is characterized by the best and most well defined architecture. Not only is the architecture well defined, but it is also equally prolific. So, if you really wish to enjoy the best from your property then make sure to choose the ones which have a proper and viable architecture. The architecture is strong, durable and innately effective simultaneously. Apart from that, the region is dotted with trees thereby offering you an amazing ambience. Thus, if you are planning to indulge in the best properties on the go then the architecture here in Mohali can perfectly serve your purpose.

Independent flooring system

The properties here also come with an independent flooring system. In fact, some of the best properties in Panchkula have proper and apt flooring which in turn adds to their advantages. The floorings are made strong and sturdy, thereby fitting your purpose, aptly. Besides that, you can also choose the number of flooring you require in this regard. Choose your preferred number of flooring for business and avail the best returns from it, in the long run. These flooring units are also equipped with the best elevators which come in your purpose as and when you require them.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

2BHK Apartment Mohali, Chandigarh, Luxury Apartment Mohali

Luxury Apartment Chandigarh; Redefining Fine Living

If you wish to enjoy the best from fine living, then the luxury apartments in Chandigarh can be a perfect solution for you. With the amazing ambience and the most well featured amenities, these apartments redefine fine living. In fact, from the most stunning banquet halls, to the most spectacular kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms; these apartments can surely offer you the best experience ever. You can enjoy pleasure at its very best form, in these impeccably designed apartments. Simply check through the myriad variants of these luring bungalows in order to spend your time in sheer luxury.

Stunningly designed room interiors

Now, the luxury apartment Chandigarh has the most stunning and well designed rooms you will ever come across. The rooms are characterized by stunning and impeccable designs which add to the chic factor. Apart from that, the walls of these rooms have the best hues which sooth your eyes completely. In fact, the wall art ensured in these rooms is indeed very commendable. The rooms are furnished with sleek and smart furniture which add to the charming appeal here. To add to the advantages, these rooms are also equipped with energy efficient air conditioners which offer you an innately comfortable experience. So, splurge in these prolific apartments to enjoy the very best from life.

In-House restaurantand spa facility

The in-house restaurant and spa facilities add to the charm and appeal of these luxury apartments. The restaurants serve the most delectable and scrumptious cuisines. The food is well cooked, and you can jolly well order and enjoy your favorite meals at the comfort of your homes. Again, the spa facilities are equally luring as they enable you to spend time in sheer comfort. Pamper yourself by indulging in these innately comfortable spas. In fact, you always spend your lazy moments by indulging in some viable beauty care solutions ensured by these well featured spas.

Sports room and Gym

The luxury apartment Chandigarh also comes with a separate sports room and gymnasium. So, if you are a body building enthusiast, these sports rooms can perfectly suffice your purpose. Indulge in your favorite games of tennis or chess with neighbors, in these well featured and well equipped sports rooms. Or, you can also spend some body building sessions in the well featured gymnasiums of these apartments. These gymnasiums are equipped with all the facilities that you crave for. Moreover, in some apartments you also get to enjoy a sauna bath facility. So, you can now enjoy your favorite sports at the luxury apartments in Chandigarh.

Reading room and kids’ room

The luxury apartment Chandigarh, are equipped with reading rooms and kids’ room. The reading rooms have a wide proximity of your favorite books. So, you can always catch some time for yourself by spending an amazing reading session in these libraries. Again, the kids’ rooms are equipped with the best games and gaming consoles which never bore the kids at all. So, you no longer need to worry about your kids with these well featured games rooms.. Enjoy an amazingly fulfilling fine living experience at these luxury apartments.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Commercial Property Mohali, Chandigarh ,2BHK Mohali

Chandigarh is one of the most rapidly developing cities in Punjab. The city owes its development to the both the corporate and the agricultural aspects in the area. More and more businessman are trying to get Commercial Property in Chandigarh with the intention of shifting to this city. The development of the several IT sectors has also led to the popularity of the city in the market of real estate. Therefore, if you have the intention of moving to Chandigarh, you would be glad to know that there are a lot of good areas for you to choose from.

Chandigarh is not a very new city. Therefore, the roads of the city are broad enough. This makes the transportation an easy business. No matter wherever you get your Commercial Property in Chandigarh you would be able to make sure that you get easy connectivity with all the important places of the city. This provesto be highly convenient for working professionals in your commercial area.Most professionals in the IT sectors are looking for Flats to stay in this city. Therefore, the building developers are making sure that they this is one of the most advantageous feathers of the city.

There are different ranges of Commercial Property in Chandigarh. Therefore, you would be able to find an area that suits your budget well. However, it is not that you would have to compromise on the quality of the area if you are paying less. The only difference that the money would bring is the acres measurements. Apart from that, you would get all the amenities that you are expecting from your area. Therefore, it would be important for you to make a fair amount of research so that you can get hold of the best option that is worth your money.

Commercial properties in Mohali  are available for rent as well. Therefore, if you are looking for temporary solutions for a brief stint at the city, you would have your options to consider. You would be able to get well facilitated work zones for rent at reasonable rates. It is interesting to know that Chandigarh has all the facilities that metropolitan city can offer you. However, the rates of are not as high as that in the metropolitan cities. A good broker can find you the best deal in this regard. Therefore, it can be said that the choice of a good broker would play a very important role when you look for commercial zones in Chandigarh.

Investing in a commercial zone in his city can be very rewarding. With the rapid growth of the city in various sectors, it can be said that the valuation of the zones would be increasing a lot in the coming years. As a result, you would be able to get high return on investment. However, it would be every important for you to make sure that you choose a good location for the zone that you are going to buy. Therefore, do your research to know about the areas that are probably going to see extensive developments in the coming years.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Property Chandigarh

Go for the most affordable property in Chandigarh

Chandigarh has properties that are loaded with the best features and are affordable simultaneously. So, if you are planning to indulge in the best properties, then make sure to choose the most well featured properties in Chandigarh. Here, these properties will offer you all the solutions you require of it. Besides that, the property will also come in the best variants thereby letting you choose the type of property you require. Simply glance through the best ranges of these properties in order to choose the most prolific one from the lot.

Prolific options to choose from

There are some of the best options to bid on the best property Chandigarh. You will have to check your needs and requirements, thereby ensuring that the property you choose is absolutely in sync with your requirements. You will find some of the most prolific property options to choose from. In fact be, it residential property or a commercial one, you can jolly well choose the best solutions for commendable and long term benefits. Both the residential and commercial properties in Chandigarh boast all the features you require of it.

Quick distance from railway and airport

Both the residential and the commercial properties have a closer proximity to the railways and the Airport. So, you can jolly well reach your requisite destinations in a jiffy with the close proximity of transport and communication. The roads to are well connected and huge, thereby meeting your requirements, perfectly.

One step entertainment

Be it entertainment options or utility shops, these properties offer you the very best in all regards. In fact, they have a close proximity to the varied entertainment units in town. Be it shopping malls, or theatres or any other entertainment unit; these properties have a close proximity to all the solutions you require.

Proper Utilization of space

If you are looking for properties that are huge and spacious, then the property Chandigarh can serve your purpose perfectly. The properties are huge and thus they can effectively serve your purpose. In fact, not only are huge but are also equally spacious. The utilization of space is perfectly ensured in this property thereby adding to the convenience.

Competent maintenance staff up for service

Not only are these properties well featured but they are also managed by the best maintenance staff. There are competent maintenance staffs that in turn ensure that your property is perfectly managed and maintained without any glitches. Thus, if you wish to enjoy the best from a well maintained property then choosing these properties can surely work wonders.

Luxury apartments and commercial spaces

The properties in Chandigarh also have the most viable and well featured luxury apartment plans. With these apartments you can enjoy the fine living to the fullest. In fact, from the living space to the bedrooms, you will find every possible viable feature in these apartments. So, simply choose these properties for long term and highly prolific benefits. Apart from luxury apartment the commercial space plans on the property Chandigarh can also offer you commendable benefits in all regards. So, simply choose these properties in order to avail the best advantages from them.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Luxury Apartment Mohali

If you want to enjoy the best that life has to offer you, then spending your time in the lap of nature can offer you an absolutely unfaltering experience. Mohali Hills boasts an innately pristine and exquisite location wherefrom you can spend your time in the lap of nature. So, if you are willing to spend your time in the wonderful ambience of Mohali, then the luxury apartments here can offer you the best. Standing amidst the alp of the Mohali hills, these apartments have the best to offer you. Simply glance along, to catch an insight of these exquisite and prolific apartments.

Spacious and prolific apartments

There are, myriad luxury apartment Mohali to choose from. Simply indulge in the best of these apartments to enjoy an unfaltering experience in here. Each of these apartments, are wide and prolific, thereby fitting your purpose perfectly. Besides that, you can also choose your required apartment from the apartment brochure. You will find apartments of varied sizes and spaces. So, choosing your requisite luxury apartment is made even easier with these, wide gamut of options. Simply browse through the myriad apartments to choose the one which is both well featured and impeccably luring simultaneously.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Property Chandigarh

Go for the most affordable property in Chandigarh

Chandigarh has properties that are loaded with the best features and are affordable simultaneously. So, if you are planning to indulge in the best properties, then make sure to choose the most well featured properties inChandigarh. Here, these properties will offer you all the solutions you require of it. Besides that, the property will also come in the best variants thereby letting you choose the type of property you require. Simply glance through the best ranges of these properties in order to choose the most prolific one from the lot.

Prolific options to choose from

There are some of the best options to bid on the best property Chandigarh. You will have to check your needs and requirements, thereby ensuring that the property you choose is absolutely in sync with your requirements. You will find some of the most prolific property options to choose from. In fact be, it residential property or a commercial one, you can jolly well choose the best solutions for commendable and long term benefits. Both the residential and commercial properties in Chandigarh boast all the features you require of it.


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Wave Gardens Sec-85, Mohali.

2 BHK Apartments for Resale at Wave Gardens Sec-85, Mohali.

About Project
WaveGardens is a part of an integrated self sustained mega township ‘Wave Estate’ which spreads over an area of approximately 300 acres.
The 2 BHK Apartment structured with 2 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms |Drawing & Dinning |3 Balconies | Complete Modular Kitchen.

1. Earthquake resistant RCC framed structure.
2. Hi end -Multi level security.
3. 100% power back-Up and 24 hours water supply.
4. Landscape gardens with beautiful water bodies, joggers track, walking path, tennis & badminton courts, sit-out plaza for senior citizens, designed by global planning experts Atkins, UK .
5. Eco-Friendly and sustainable development with provision for rain water har 
vesting and energy conservation.
6. World class club house with all facilities and amenities.
7. Gated community secured with a wall boundary running throughout the periphery of the entire township.
8. Accredited by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) which offers better natural light, Ventilation.
#resaleapartmentsmohali, #wavegardensmohali

Monday, 13 April 2015

Wave Garden Sector 85 Mohali, Wave Garden 3BHK Mohali

Wave Estate is a haven of luxury with its ultra fine collection of modern contemporary Luxury villas, Plots, charming Floors and plush housing Condominiums. To take modern living to a new level, it has been designed by globally renowned architectural firm, Studio DRA, UK so that its residents experience the unparalleled quality of an international lifestyle, with the best facilities in education, sports, entertainment, shopping, healthcare and fitness. That too, within a meandering backdrop of flawless green landscapes and theme parks designed by global planning experts, Atkins, UK.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Resale property in Mohali, Chandigarh

Searching for a suitable home in North India can be a little difficult, because of the widespread demand in this developed are of India. Both Mohali and Chandigarh are upcoming cities in North India, which have some of the finest homes available. Most resale floors, Mohali, are built to perfection; they are spaced out homes which keep in mind the privacy of those who will reside in the house.
Mohali is a beautiful city, located in the foothills of the Shiwalik mountain range and living there is an experience in its own right. Resale floors in Mohali come with modular kitchen, vitrified and ceramic flooring, pop walls, false ceilings, good quality doors and window panels. The homes have at least two bathrooms which are attached to the bedrooms.
Chandigarh is one of the finest cities in North India. The city is a union territory which happens to be the capital of both Punjab and Haryana. Resale floors in Chandigarh are state of the art homes, which are built keeping in mind impeccable architectural designs. These homes are located in posh areas which are well connected to other parts of the city and connected to other major cities as well.
Resale floors Chandigarh are mostly located at cosmopolitan townships, where you can live in a good and happy environment with your family. The houses are designed very well and the structure is strong and sturdy. Most of these homes are designed by experienced and well-known architects, who have taken the utmost care while creating the designs of these houses.

North India is one of the most developed areas, and Mohali and Chandigarh are one of the safest cities where families can dwell and live their lives in an environment of peace and serenity. Having homes in Mohali and Chandigarh is a matter of pride.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Residential and commercial plots, Mohali

Mohali is one of the finest cities, in North India. Set at the foothills of the Shiwaliks, Mohali happens to be a fine place to dwell with your family or to do business. Both residential and commercial plots are available in Mohali.
Wave Estate Plots, Mohali has both commercial and residential plots. It is a cosmopolitan township which is located at Greater Mohali, Punjab. The community is fully gated, and is spread across 300 acres of land.  Apart from the exquisite residential plots available at Wave Estate, there are many upcoming upscale commercial plots which will make this plot a classy place to live in.  A luxury hotel will add grandeur to the environment and a mall will fulfil all the entertainment requisites of those residing here. Wave Estate Plots, Mohali, will definitely be an envious address and those living there will bear the pride of living in such coveted homes.
Residential plots sector 85 Mohali, are available for resale as well as new upcoming residential homes in this locality are available for sale. Residentialplots sector 85 Mohali, are not only spacious, but they are well designed too. The Wave Estate is also located at sector 85 in Mohali. These homes, as earlier mentioned have all the amenities which most luxury homes have. Life will be much easier living in a residential community which is an upcoming commercial hub. One will find theatres, shops, malls, banks, hotels, etc, all within close vicinity. These homes are well connected to other parts of the city and are connected to other major cities as well. Finding public transport will not be a problem for those living in this township.

The Mohali cricket stadium, Fortis hospital, Chandigarh international airport are 1-2 kilometres away from this location. It is very difficult to find a negative aspect of living in the luxury residentialplots in sector 85 Mohali

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Best Residential Property Mohali

Oxygen, Water and food the three basic elements that keeps a man alive was the talk of the town back in 19th century. The concept of these basic needs continued till the starting of 20th century but as soon as the families grew people felt the need of a house.  Infinite builders came and went but only few were successful to imprint the image of owning a house. To own a house is not only a luxury for riches but a surviving element for the Borghese. Simply owning 4 walls isn’t equivalent to building a palace but if the house is beautifully constructed with azonic architectural touch could be the heaven for the buyers.
With rapid development within the outskirts of cities, Monga realtors have successfully dreamt the living dream of people and have beautifully built across the Residential property project Mohaliwhich is the attracting point for all the buyers not because of the infrastructure of the city but also the hard work in the architecture of the builders. Fully-fledged furnished 4 walls, facilities at door step and beautiful ambient are all the plus points and considering factor for investment in the project. 

Talking of Commercial property, Mohali, we’d definitely go for a shop which is highly ‘securitised’ and is at eminent place with Archaean landscapist beauty which will attract customer for its charismatic beauty which will spiritually jolt the customer to move towards the plaza and that is only possible if it is in favour of environment which Monga realtors are acclaimed for.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Wave Estate Gardens, Villas Mohali

If you wish for a luxurious home in the heart of Mohali then, Wave estate Villas Mohali will be the perfect abode for you. The lavish and well ventilated villas have lush green surroundings which are absolutely serene. The Mediterranean and Spanish designs of the villas along with the large space provides with an impeccable ambience. Both traditional and contemporary architecture have been balanced properly while designing these villas which have a beautiful terrace and a landscape courtyard in the centre of the house.
The living space exudes luxury, as the rooms are spacious and look elegantly designed. Plus, a breakfast and study room adds novelty to these villas. These homes epitomise architectural class as they combine grandeur to thoughtful designs. All the villas have been designed keeping in mind the security and privacy of the individual families residing there.
The picturesque setting at the foothills of the beautiful Shiwaliks, along with strategic positioning of this housing locality makes it the ultimate home, for those who have fine taste. Such a beautiful residential property in Mohali is very difficult to find. Located in the heart of the tri-state area, i.e. Panchkula, Mohali and Chandigarh, the Wave Garden Mohali will be an envious address.
The premium luxury villas at Wave Garden Mohali are sized at 500 square yards, the super luxury villas have been spaced at 350 square yards and the premium and luxury villas have also been sized at 500 square yards. Structure of the villas is earthquake resistant and the floors are done in marble. The kitchen and bathroom floors are covered with vitrified tiles and the doors have natural wooden frames. The balconies have anti-skid tiles and their ceiling of the villas have a false ceiling.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Ansal API Sector 114 Mohali

Ansal API Sector 114 Mohali is a very posh locality, which is well connected by road to other parts of the city and other major neighbouring cities. The residential apartments available here are designed keeping in mind the privacy of the future residents of these homes. Ansal API has a number of residential projects in Mohali sector 114.
Some of the Residential Project Sector 114 Mohali, by Ansal API are:
  • Golf Links, Mohali
  • Golf Links, Solitaire
All these home are built keeping in mind state-of-the-art architecture and interior designs. The royal amenities offered here can be compared to luxurious homes anywhere in the world. Ansal Golf links, offer an entire floor, to those who wish to reside in ultimate luxury. Each floor has 3 BHKs, with an area ranging from 1555-1625 square feet.
Amenities such as gardens, 24 hour power backup, swimming pools, maintenance staff, security, intercom, kids play area, rain water harvesting etc are available in all Residential Project Sector 114 Mohali, which are developed by Ansal API Developer Mohali.
 Those with refined taste will fall in love with this new paradigm of ultimate luxurious living. It is a residential township, which meets international standards, plus the place is self sufficient, complete with various facilities and amenities. This residential plot will provide a serene and secure residence to your family, where you can live peacefully and enjoy.
Ansal API is one of the leading real estate companies in India. The company was established in the year 1967 and since then Ansal API has left no stone unturned to provide with luxury homes for those who wish to live the good life. Robust engineering in combination with uncompromised business ethos has made Ansal API Developer Mohali, the big name it is.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Somdatt Landmark Mohali

When it comes to choosing a residential property that will provide you with the utmost comfort along with all the modern amenities, Somdatt Landmark which is located conveniently on Kharar-Landran Highway is the right choice for you. The Golf course which is being set up at a distance of 1.5 Km from the complex is an added advantage for Golf enthusiast and added attraction.
Somdatt landmark has several phases out of which phase one has already been completed and handed over to the residents on time. The project which is being set up on a total area of 8 Acers of land and the residential properties area ranging between 1249 Sq. ft. - 2269 Sq.ft making the rooms very spacious and good to live in. Residents have options to choose from 2/3/4 bedrooms.
Adequate precautions have been taken when constructing Somdatt Landmark Mohali. The builders have ensured to make it earthquake resistant giving the residents that extra protection during natural calamity. Moreover CCTV cameras and all time hi tech security arrangements have also been made. The complex has well maintained lawns, children’s parks and jogging tracks too. You need not venture out of the complex for entertainment. Club house along with indoor game, swimming pool and indoor gym has also been build up for health and sports enthusiast. The high speed elevators will make you reach your home within seconds. Wardrobes and modular kitchen in all the apartments has given that classy look. The shopping cum commercial space spreading across 1,00,000 sq feet will ensure good shopping experience too.

Somdatt Landmark Mohali has been build keeping the needs of the residents in mind and how to give comfortable living to them with all the amenities that is required for living a good lifestyle.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Real Estate Company Mohali

Mohali which is considered as a part of the cities Panchkula, Mohali and Chandigarh is also an extension of Chandigarh. When it comes to real estate it is the best city after Chandigarh. Traders, employers, nris and residents have started entering the property market in Mohali to yield maximum profit and in return give commercial properties and residential complexes which have the maximum facility and comfort.
The property market in the city has seen a tremendous rise in the recent few years. With the setting up of projects such as TDI, Emmae MGF, Unitech and many more, real estate developers have started developing projects with modern technologies and which meets the requirements of the offices that are being set up. The properties have all the facilities required to create a healthy and comfortable working environment, also, the spaces have been used very intelligently. Commercial propertyMohali also includes building up of many star hotels which meet international standards. Several hospitals with modern technologies and world class facilities have also been built here by real estate company Mohali.

The architecture of Mohali hills which comprise residential properties in the form of apartments, luxury villas and terrace town homes has been much sought after. Such apartments which are being set up by popular developers all around Mohali have changed the definition of living good by incorporating great designs and comfortable space in the apartments. An investment in real estate here is sure to give you much profit. Proximity to different locations is an added advantage.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Residential Apartments Mohali, Chandigarh

Real estate developments are spreading like proverbial fire in Punjab. Infrastructure projects and mega housing projects have been developed by popular national level developers in real estate. Mohali is one such city which has been hit by the real estate boom. Real estate projects in the form of farm house, luxury villas, and residential apartments are coming up to meet the increasing demand of the customers who want their home to have as much facilities as possible.
Residential 2BHK flats in Chandigarh are quite popular amongst generations of today with nuclear family and very less family members. The flats are very spacious and proper utilization of spaces ensures no space is wasted. The complexes are under CCTV surveillance and 24*7 securities making it a safe place to stay. The residential apartments are built keeping all age groups in mind. While there are areas where kids can play, there are areas for middle-aged people and elderly ones too. Sprawling lawns are there in most of the complexes which is ideal for morning and evening walks. Indoor games, community hall, swimming pool, state of art gym are some of the common features that can be found in most of the residential property Mohali, Chandigarh.
The apartments are being built on a convenient location so that accessibility is not a problem. Shops for daily needs are very often being built within the complex and if not, such shops are just located nearby. Schools, colleges, hospitals, offices, bus and taxi stands are also nearby making living in such apartments convenient. The flats are quite well integrated and self sufficient in almost all the aspects of modern lifestyle. The natural surroundings in which the apartments are being built results in the area becoming pollution free there by encouraging healthy living.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Orchid Greens, Sec-115, Mohali

Orchid Green Sec 115, Mohali is now the destination for an approved housing project that is coming up in an area of almost 6 Acers of land. The 2 BHK flats in the complex have all the facilities that are needed for the whole family to stay in.
As the name suggest the project has greenery all around and ideal for all the nature lovers. The kid’s park contains all the modern playing equipments to keep the kids entertained at all times. For recreation of the elder’s swimming pool, indoor gym and club house for socializing has been build up.
The search for 2bhk flat in Mohali is over with Orchid Greens new project which has been build in such a manner so that it is earthquake resistant. The flats comprise, 2 bedrooms, 2 balconies and 2 bathrooms along with dinning, drawing, modular kitchen and wardrobes in all the rooms. The security of the complex has been taken very seriously with 24*7 securities that are alert at all times so that you can stay at peace. Uninterrupted water supply and all time power back facilities are special attraction which ensures complete comfort. One need not venture out for buying any essential items as the shops present within the complex provides you with all the daily requirements.

In other words the complex is set up to provide you with all the modern amenities at affordable cost. The location of the complex near Kharar- Landran road makes it easily accessible from all parts of the city.